These faster paced classes focus on the Canadian ADAPT Jazz syllabus.

Students will learn age appropriate jazz technique, terminology and progressions. Students will learn a combination of traveling steps, jumps and turns. These classes are great for improving coordination, rhythm and flexibility.

2017-18 Schedule

10 Month Dance Class

LevelOptionDayStart TimeEnd TimeAgeBegins10 Mo TermInfo/Note
IntroTHU6:30pm7:10pm4-614 SeptSept-June
Level 1BWED6:30pm7:25pm13 SeptSept-June
Level 2*TUE5:45pm6:40pm12 SeptSept-June
Level 3*TUE6:45pm7:40pm12 SeptSept-June
Level 4*TUE7:45pm8:40pm12 SeptSept-June
Level 5/6*WED6:30pm7:25pm13 SeptSept-June
Level 7/8*WED8:30pm9:25pm13 SeptSept-June
Level ADV*THU5:45pm6:40pm14 SeptSept-June

*For grades 3 & higher, students are required to be registered in Ballet 3 or higher.

For grade 2 jazz, ballet at least once per week is strongly recommended.

Students who do not wish to take ballet in order to study jazz, are recommended to register in either Jazz Open or in Musical Theatre where they will study some jazz technique.

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