Policy Directive for Student Pick-Up & Drop-off Protocol

to Ensure Student Safety

As per the Urban Dance Projects website, parents/guardians should remain with students under the age of 7 until their class begins. Students should be picked up promptly after classes are finished. There is NO supervision before or after class. For further clarification and amplification of the above policy, Urban Dance Projects stipulates the following:

  1. Teachers will naturally oversee the students during their classes or rehearsal sessions.
  2. Parents/guardians should pick up students promptly or very soon after class or rehearsals finish. Parents may also remain during classes if they are concerned with safety.
  3. If parents/guardians cannot pick up students after classes or rehearsal sessions finish, students should remain in the waiting area inside the centre foyer until parents arrive and not at the front desk area or outside the studio.
  4. If a parent/guardian instructs a student to wait at the front area or outside, then they do so of their own accord and against the advice of Urban Dance Projects.
  5. There is NO supervision of students before or after classes or rehearsals. Generally there is a person at the front desk area during office hours for administrative and customer service. However, the presence of someone at the front desk cannot be guaranteed.
  6. We believe that these are consistent with the procedures generally adopted by dance studios for overseeing students while on premise.
  7. Urban Dance Projects notes that some students may at times leave the studio and go to surrounding establishments such as Subway or Tim Hortons. Urban Dance Projects requests that parents/guardians instruct students not to leave the studio and to remain in the center foyer of the studio, as there may be some risk to students who leave UDP.

For safety, office doors are locked at 9pm Monday through Thursday. Students who may have rehearsals at 9:30pm or later should enter the studio before 9pm.