Age 5+

These classes focus on the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Ballet syllabus.

Students will learn age appropriate ballet technique and terminology with a focus on proper body placement and positioning. These classes are excellent for improving flexibility, alignment and strength.

2018-19 Schedule

10 Month Recital Program Dance Class

LevelOptionDayStart TimeEnd TimeAgeBegins10 Mo TermInfo/Note
IntroATUE5:00pm5:40pm6 @ JAN 111 SeptSept-June
IntroBSAT11:00am11:40am6 @ JAN 115 SeptSept-June
Level 1ATHU4:45pm5:40pm7 @ JAN 113 SeptSept-June
Level 1BSAT11:45am12:40pm7 @ JAN 115 SeptSept-June
Level 2*ASAT10:15am11:40pm15 SeptSept-June85 mins
Level 3*1st HalfWED6:30pm7:25pm12 SeptSept-June
Level 3*2nd HalfWED7:30pm8:25pm12 SeptSept-June
Level 4*A 1st HalfTUE5:45pm6:40pm11 SeptSept-June
Level 4*A 2nd HalfTUE6:45pm7:40pm11 SeptSept-June
Level 5*A 1st HalfTHU5:45pm6:40pm13 SeptSept-June
Level 5*A 2nd HalfTHU6:45pm7:40pm13 SeptSept-June
Level 6*A 1st HalfTUE7:45pm8:40pm11 SeptSept-JunePrev Gr. 5 THU: 1718
Level 6*A 2nd HalfTUE8:45pm9:40pm11 SeptSept-JunePrev Gr. 5 THU: 1718
Level 6*B 1st HalfMON5:30pm6:25pm10 SeptSept-JunePrev IF TUE: 1718
Level 6*B 2nd HalfMON6:30pm7:25pm10 SeptSept-JunePrev IF TUE: 1718
Level 7*1st HalfTHU7:45pm8:40pm13 SeptSept-JunePrev Gr. 6 & IF or INT
Level 7*2nd HalfTHU8:45pm9:40pm13 SeptSept-JunePrev Gr. 6 & IF or INT
Pointe Conditioning*MON7:30pm8:25pm10 SeptSept-June
Pointe*1MON8:30pm9:25pm10 SeptSept-June
Pointe*2MON8:30pm9:25pm10 SeptSept-June

Grade 2 & higher Ballet students must have successfully completed the previous grade in order to enroll in a class.

*Grades 3 & higher Ballet students are required to be registered in class twice per week in order to progress according to the Royal Academy of Dance ballet syllabus standards.

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