Lyrical dance is a fluid and graceful style of dance that mixes and combines ballet, jazz and contemporary dance styles.

The movements of this style are meant to reflect and express emotions evoked by the lyrics of the musical selection.

Because of the focus on expressing these emotions, this dance style tends to focus on the expressiveness and movement of the dancer.

2018-19 Schedule

10 Month Dance Class

LevelOptionDayStart TimeEnd TimeAgeBegins10 Mo TermInfo/Note
Junior*AWED5:30pm6:25pm12 SeptSept-June
Intermediate**WED6:30pm7:25pm12 SeptSept-June
Senior**WED7:30pm8:25pm12 SeptSept-June

*Lyrical Junior – students must be enrolled in grade 3 Ballet or higher.

**Lyrical Intermediate & Senior – must be enrolled in grade 4 Ballet or higher

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