All full year classes will learn a dance routine to be performed at the year-end recital in June. This is a great opportunity for students to showcase their skills and perform on stage where family and friends can come and share in their achievements. Students begin learning routines in class in January.

Families registered in more than one class, may be required to participate in more than one year-end recital show. UDP typically has more than one recital in order to accommodate all classes on stage.

Instructors select and order recital costumes for each class. Parents are not required to make costumes. A costume fee applies to all students in the program and is used to purchase recital costumes that are kept by the student. Costume fees are non-fundable and are due in full by Oct. 15. GST not included. Costume sizing selections by parents will be due Dec. 1.


Costume Pricing

Tiny Tots / Kinders & Kinder Combo Classes $95 + GST (paid using our online account system Oct 15)

All other Classes $135 + GST (paid using our online account system Oct 15)

A $25 late charge will apply to all costume fees that are paid after the due date. This is to cover additional expenses incurred by UDP when costumes are ordered late. Costume alterations and any additional costs will be the sole responsibility of parents.

Recital Q & A

What is the benefit of holding a year-end recital?

Recitals allow students a performance opportunity where they can showcase their classroom work. Recitals motivate students to work towards a goal and instill a sense of teamwork, pride and accomplishment.

Does UDP offer classes where students do not have to perform in a year-end recital?

Yes, UDP offers 10-week sessional classes held in the fall, winter and spring, for those families wishing to participate in dance lessons without having to participate in a recital. Costumes are not ordered for 10-week classes.

Is the recital at the same location each year?

Not necessarily. The recital venue is subject to theatre availability in Calgary, which can be very limited. The recital venue is confirmed 8-12months in advance. Every effort is made to schedule a weekend recital date, however this is not always possible.

What does the price of admission cover?

The price of admission covers the theatre rental, UDP staff, ushers, concession, sound, lighting and stage technicians. Ticket prices also cover administrative costs related to ticket printing, box office services and the dress rehearsal.

Are the recital shows different from each other? How many times does my child’s class have to perform on recital day?

In most cases the recital shows are completely different from each other. Occasionally some numbers may be seen in both shows. Classes have typically performed in one recital (not both). However theatre size is an important factor in determining if shows are different or contain some of the same numbers.

For 2017, the UDP recitals will be 2 completely different shows.

Why is there more than one recital?

The number of recitals is directly related to three main factors; number of participants, show length and theatre size. At UDP we try to offer a reasonable number of tickets to each family. It is also important to keep the show at a reasonable running time. The maximum length for a recital show is 3 hours.

While having more than one recital may be inconvenient for families, it is not possible to schedule all classes into a single show. At UDP, if all classes were in one recital the show would be 6 hours in length. As a result, multiple dance recitals are very common among dance studios in Calgary. This is the nineth consecutive season that UDP will have 2 recitals in order to accommodate all classes.

For 2017, both UDP recitals will be 2 to 2 1/2 hours in length (15min intermission included) An unlimited amount of tickets will be available to families. Each class will only perform once.

Many studios can only offer between 2-4 tickets per family in order to ensure all families have a chance at receiving tickets. Some studios also hold multiple recitals spread across several days in order to provide enough tickets to families. At UDP we feel we have a recital format that offers more conveniences than other schools, such as a weekend recital day; 2 completely different shows; and unlimited ticket availability.

Do I have to pay for admission to both recitals?

Admission is required for anyone wishing to sit in the audience for each recital, since the ticket price covers the cost of staging the recital. Parents may volunteer as an alternative to watching both recitals from the audience.

Each year UDP requires a number of volunteers to assist with monitoring students backstage. Volunteers are able to watch their child perform from the side of the stage, but are unlikely to see the other dance numbers in the recital.

Can UDP dancers watch the recital show from the audience?

UDP prefers that students remain backstage for the duration of the show. This is for several reasons. Being a live stage performance the order of the recital could change last minute (if necessary). Therefore it is not possible to guarantee the exact time that a dancer will be on stage.

In addition, the backstage area has very limited space and cannot accommodate the constant flow of parents coming to pick up their kids during the performance. For safety reasons, UDP asks that only dancers, staff and parent volunteers remain backstage while the show is running.

All UDP dancers watching any portion of the show from the front would be required to have a ticket in order to enter the theatre.

Is the dress rehearsal mandatory? How long will it take?

Yes, the dress rehearsal is mandatory, since it helps students to be better prepared for recital day. It is also a fun opportunity for students to see other dances and costumes, since students remain backstage and cannot view the recital (unless they have a recital ticket).

Does my child have to wear make-up at the recital (and for picture week and dress rehearsal)?

Make-up is suggested for the recitals since the stage lights tend to make students appear pale in complexion. Light make-up is also recommended for picture week and dress rehearsal.

Make-up instructions can be downloaded from the UDP website under the picture week information section. However, UDP does not make it mandatory for students to wear make-up. We recognize the wide variety of opinions regarding this issue and leave it to parents to decide what they are comfortable with in terms of make-up application.

How do I know what tights and shoes are required for recital?

Tights and shoes are the same as those required for class (some exceptions may apply). Tights and shoes are also listed on the UDP website under the “Picture Week” information section. If you have any questions, please ask at the UDP front desk or check with your child’s instructor.

How do I know what accessories are required for recital?

If you have any questions regarding accessories, please check with your child’s instructor. Instructors will specify how accessories are to be worn during picture week.

What is the hairstyle for recital?

Tiny Tots and Kinder Combo hair is typically half up and half down and curled. Hair for all Ballet classes is a bun. Hair for all other classes is typically a high curly ponytail. Some exceptions may apply. Please view the required hairstyle for your child’s class under the “Picture Week” information section of the UDP website.

At UDP we strive to make the recital experience a positive one for students and families. If you have any questions regarding the upcoming recitals please contact us.