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Family and friends are invited to watch dance classes Nov 13 – Dec 2. This is an exciting opportunity to view students’ progress in class. Parents will also have the opportunity to fill out program evaluations.

NOTE: For Ballet classes that are two hours in length (grade 3 & higher), the first hour will be the viewing period.

Please arrive a few minutes early to ensure classes begin on time. Due to limited space, 2 family members per student are invited to attend the viewing class.

Photography is allowed but videotaping is NOT permitted. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Urban Dance Projects - Viewing Weeks, 2017
Nov 13 (Monday)Ms. SamaraBallet
Nov 14 (Tuesday)Ms. SamaraBallet
Nov 15 (Wednesday)Ms. SamaraBallet
Nov 16 (Thursday)Ms. SamaraBallet
Nov 20 (Monday)Ms. MercedezParent & Tot, Tiny Kinders
Nov 20 (Monday)Ms. CenizaHip Hop, Diva Style, Contemporary
Nov 21 (Tuesday)Ms. CenizaHip Hop
Nov 22 (Wednesday)Ms. DanaKinder Combo, Lyrical, Jazz, Musical Theatre
Nov 23 (Thursday)Ms. DanaTap
Nov 23 (Thursday)Ms. SarahTiny Tots, Tap
Nov 24 (Friday)Ms. CenizaDiva, Contemporary
Nov 25 (Saturday)Ms. AveryTiny Kinders, Ballet
Nov 27 (Monday)Ms. SydneyBallet, Tap
Nov 27 (Monday)Ms. RobynKinder Combo
Nov 28 (Tuesday)Ms. MercedezJazz
Nov 29 (Wednesday)Ms. MercedezTiny Tots, Jazz, Lyrical
Nov 30 (Thursday)Ms. MercedezTap, Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theatre
Nov 30 (Thursday)Ms. VeronicaJazz
Dec 2 (Saturday)Ms. MercedezAcrobatic Arts
Dec 2 (Saturday)Ms. BillieTiny Tots, Kinder Combo, Hip Hop